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Real Estate Professionals

There are over 1 million real estate professionals facilitating the purchase and sale of land and property within our communities, preserving the free enterprise system, and our right to own real property in America. We partner with the top real estate professionals in each region to enhance this experience for the buyers and sellers we close and insure. By pooling our expertise in the industry and within a specific neighborhood, we are able to offer a full suite of solutions to enhance the consumer experience in each and every real estate transaction.

Our team of professionals is ready and able to help you list and sell all properties, close and settle all real estate transactions, and ultimately grow your business. We work by your side during every step of the process to ensure your success with each new home seeker and seller. In addition to full title underwriting and exam capabilities, full escrow and closing services, account servicing, and short sale support, we provide the custom products and services you need to succeed.


Mortgage lending represents one of the major financial sectors, with a current estimated 50 million mortgages in the U.S. Mortgage lenders encompass a wide range of financiers, from local community banks to regional credit unions and nationwide institutions, each promoting home and property ownership in America.

In addition to title, escrow, closing and recording services for real estate transactions, we provide turnkey loan origination, modification, reinstatement and servicing solutions for property loans in all 50 states. Our lender partners rely on a single-point-of-contact backed by our nationwide network to ensure the best possible customer experience for the home buyers and sellers we serve, from the moment the dream begins to happily ever after.


Property development is a multifaceted sector of the real estate industry that encompasses the development of raw land with new construction, and building improvements through renovations, repairs and remodels. Our builder partners have special needs during real estate transactions, as they convert two-dimensional ideas on paper into real property.

We partner with a wide range of local builders and nationwide developers to create a seamless transaction for our respective home buyers and investors. Our team of professionals works along your side researching the land and property and supplying the necessary title reports, copies of easements and adjoining deeds. We offer a full suite of builder solutions to enhance the consumer experience during each and every phase of construction to ensure the title is good and indefeasible and all legal documents are recorded properly.

Buyers & Sellers

Home Buyers

Home buyers are the driving force in real estate transactions, with a special set of needs and steps to follow in order to purchase and secure ownership of a home. As the nation’s largest title insurance provider, we work with all parties to streamline the home buying process and provide long-term protection for home buyers and their newly acquired asset against fraudulent claims, liens, and more.

Home Sellers

Like buyers in residential real estate transactions, sellers often want the representation of a licensed professional to assist in the sales process, as well as an established company like ours to guide them through the closing process. Whether you are just preparing to sell your home or property, trying to determine your asking price, in the process of selecting a real estate professional, showing your home to potential buyers, or preparing for the close, we offer a full suite of solutions to ensure your rights, as the seller, are protected.

Regardless of which side of the closing table you are sitting on, buying or selling a home involves many steps. We offer a wide range of products and services to ensure you know exactly what to expect, and your responsibilities before, during and after closing.


Real estate attorneys typically step in after the selling price and terms have been established by the real estate professionals and all parties have signed the contract. They advise and negotiate in order to expedite transactions according to the laws and statutes that often differ at the county, city and state level.


Commercial real estate (CRE) is the area of real estate relating to property investment versus home ownership. Our commercial coverage includes land and property investors and their investments in all 50 states. As the nation's largest title insurance provider, we offer a full spectrum of solutions from residential through complex, multi-site, multi-state commercial and even corporate transactions.

Our CRE professionals are experts in agriculture and raw land, government, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, multi-family housing, new construction, office buildings, power & energy, restaurants and retail stores, buildings and chains. In addition to full title underwriting and exam capabilities, full escrow and closing services, plus 1031 property exchanges, we provide best-in-class products and services designed specifically to protect your investments.

Real Estate Services

Title Insurance

Why Title Insurance is Right for You

Title clearance and policy issuance across the U.S.

Americans have the future in mind when they buy a house, and they purchase homeowner’s insurance to help protect that future. But with home ownership comes the need to protect the property against the past, as well as the future.

Each successive owner brings the possibility of title challenges to the property. Title insurance protects a policyholder against challenges to rightful ownership of real property, challenges that arise from circumstances of past ownerships.

When you purchase real property, rely on Charter Title to protect your interests. As a member of the Fidelity National Financial (FNF) family of companies, you'll be backed by the nation's largest title insurance provider.

Closing & Escrow

What You Should Know About Closing & Escrow

We coordinate all aspects of your residential closings

Fulfilling the American dream of home ownership can be a complicated and involved process with many third parties. Choosing title and escrow services from a highly-qualified title insurance company is essential to not only insure the title of the property long-term, but for accurately allocating fees between the buyer and seller, facilitating the closing, and recording and filing the legal documents after closing. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, you deserve top quality settlement services provided by a licensed professional.

When you purchase real property, rely on Charter Title to protect your interests with proper escrow funds disbursements and successful and timely closings. As a member of the Fidelity National Financial (FNF) family of companies, you'll be backed by the nation's largest title insurance provider.

UCCPlus Insurance

Protect Your Right to Collateral Covered by Articles 8 and 9 of the UCC

Fidelity National Title Group’s UCCPlus Division is the nation’s leading provider of personal property title insurance, specializing in major-market transactions across the United States. The highly experienced underwriters at UCCPlus are experts at insuring non-real estate transactions involving mezzanine financing, equity pledges, project finance/energy loans, revolving/term/working capital loans, all asset loans, construction loans, and mixed collateral transactions.

The UCCPlus Insurance Policy eliminates the insured’s risk relating to the validity, enforceability, attachment, perfection and priority of its security interest on any personal property within the scope of Articles 8 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Without proper attachment, perfection and priority, a lender has no ability to foreclose on its collateral to satisfy its indebtedness in the event of a borrower default.

Covering all personal property collateral under Articles 8 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), a UCCPlus Policy insures against fraud, forgery, documentation defects, filing errors, and financing statement inaccuracies. The policy covers the “gap” period between the last search date and the date of perfection. The policy also includes the cost of defense in the event of a challenge to the security interest being insured.

For more information on the UCCPlus, visit: www.UCCPlus.com

1031 Exchange

1031 Property Exchange

Your strategic partner in tax deferred exchanges

Our investment strategies cover all areas of real estate. And our professionals do too. In addition to traditional buy and sell transactions, we facilitate and support 1031 Exchanges of investment properties for tax deferral and to maximize investment dollars.

For more information or to initiate a 1031 Exchange, please visit www.ipx1031.com or call 888-771-1031.

To learn more, attend a complimentary online 1031 Introduction or Advanced 1031 webinar. Register online at http://www.ipx1031.com/ipx1031-webinars/

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TRID Calendar

Consummation is the day the borrower becomes legally obligated under the loan, which would be the date of signing, even if the loan has a rescission period. Will your loan close on time? Use our TRID calendar tool to assist you in determining the earliest consummation date.
>> Access the CFPB TRID Calendar.

Marketing Services

CharterTitleAgent ONE

Real Estate's #1 closing cost application, CharterAgent gives you quick, easy estimates to real estate financial questions. To ensure accuracy, CharterAgent comes equipped with local tax rates, closing and title fees, prorated taxes and much more. Create buyer’s estimates, seller net sheets, PITI ratios in seconds. Includes FHA, VA and Conventional loan features. CharterAgent gives you the ability to send your personalized net sheet and estimates with the touch of a button from your smart-phone, tablet or computer.

Contact your Charter Title Account Manager or access CharterAgent.

National Rate Calculator

The National Rate Calculator (NRC) is a web-based platform designed to help our customers and agents estimate the potential settlement-related costs for a residential real estate transaction. All rate quotes are subject to the terms and conditions set forth on the general. Fill in as much information as you have on the form displayed and submit for a printable estimate.
Contact your Charter Title Representative or access Charter Title’s NRC.

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